Haptic touchscreens display live front

The main goal of the project SMART DISPLAY is the increase of the competitiveness of SME’s.

This project aims to develop a new technological solution which combines, in an integrated manner, the development and the industrialization of a new haptic, anti-scratch and washable solution, obtained from the direct application of an electric circuit printed in the polymeric component. This allows to provide a mirror effect or magnetic shield, night/day, on/off touchscreen display by proximity activation and by pressing buttons which “sink”.

To do so, surfaces that will be modified afterwards, such as polymeric matrix nanocomposites, reinforced with ceramic (anti-scratches) and/or gradient coating will be developed and characterized, to obtain an anti-scratch and haptic surface.

At the same time, new printing processes and direct writing for the impression of elastic electronic circuits, directly in the plastic surface, will be studied, based on the first elastic conductive paint at room temperature (SPM patented).

SMART DISPLAY: Haptic touchscreens display live front

Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs

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